I have found that if you love life, life will love you back ~ Arthur Rubinstein Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries ~ Corita Kent The kind of beauty I want most, is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within - strength, courage, dignity ~ Ruby Dee When what we are is who we want to be, that's happiness ~ Malcomb Forbes

Welcome to LoveLifeLarge! This is a place where you can read the musings of Katie, as she embarks on her journey to LOVE LIFE LARGE! You will also find some information on her LuLaRoe journey. Who knew that one little pair of leggings could change someone's entire life?  Through her life Katie has experienced some amazing things, and some heart breaking things, and that is what life is about! Join Katie as she walks you through her journey of rediscovery and how she has managed not only how to learn to love life, but how she learned to Love Life Large!

One of the biggest steps in her rediscovery was when she signed up to become a LuLaRoe Consultant. How could signing up to sell some clothes impact someones life, you ask? Read through Katie's blogs to learn how signing up for LuLaRoe has made such an impact on her life, and her family. We are so glad you have visited us today, and hope you have a wonderful time here learning about Katie and the ways she has learned (and is still learning) to Love Life Large

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